What is fpl

Fantasy Premier League (Fpl) is a game where you are the manager to put together your own team of Premier League players. You are doing this from a budget of 100 milions and you get points every week according to how successful the players have been that week. You will be rewarded if you have a player that has scored goals, made assists, kept a clean sheet or collected bonus points. You will also be rewarded double points for your captain of the week. It might sound a bit overwhelming at first, but if you follow our guide below you will soon be ready to participate in fpl.

Start of the season

Fpl is free and you register at the official Fpl site: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/. At the beginning of the season you have one task; putting the team together. You will start off with a budget of 100 millions and from this budget you should select 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 attackers.
Before the season starts Fpl have decided how much each player is valued at. The premium players are more expensive and because of this you will not be able to select 15 premium players. You need to find out what players you think will give you the most points from your budget. Midfielders and attackers are more expensive than the defenders and goalkeepers, basically because they are more likely to score goals.
A fun part of Fpl is to participate in mini leagues which is a number of managers that has their own competition. There are many mini leagues that are open for you to participate in, you will also be able to start your own where you can invite your friends, colleagues or other groups.


Since you can not afford any player you would like you need to consider your selection to come up with a balanced team.
Goalkeepers: You should select two goalkeepers. If you select cheaper ones (valued at around 4,5) you will have more money for the rest of your team. If you go with this tactic it is important that these goalkeepers are the starting goalkeeper in your teams. If you are able to find two cheap goalkeepers from teams that are ok than this might be the way to go. Another tactic is to select one very cheap goalkeeper (that is starting) and one good goalkeeper from a premium team.
Defenders: When selecting your defenders the optimal choice is to look at offensive players (that might score goals and assists) that are also playing in a good team (where clean sheets are more likely). These players obviously costs a lot of money (6 - 6,5) and you will not be able to select 5 like players like this. When selecting your cheaper players you might find an offensive player in a team that is not that good, or you might find a cheaper defender from a premium team. Maybe you are able to find a defensive player that are on set pieces or maybe even takes penalties.
Midfielders: At the midfielders you will find some very expensive players (13) which you will only afford to have a couple of in your team. You need to mix these players together with cheaper options, you should look for offensive players here as well. It might be possible to find a midfielder that is listed as a midfielder but are playing as an attacker. Maybe a midfielder isn't scoring but might still give you a lot of points from the assists.
Attackers: The top scorers are normally found in the attackers and you should of course look for some solid goal scorers in this category. Since you will not be able to find three golden boot competitors and fit that in to your category you might still do some solid picks by selecting an attacker from a offensive team. It doesn't matter if your attacker comes from a bad team (that might be losing) as long as the team scores goal.
The captain: Every week you need to select your captain of your team. The captain should be selected by looking at form of the player and of the opponent team he is facing. Every point that your captain is collecting are multiplied by two which makes this an important pick. You should also pick a vice captain that will be used if your captain doesnt play. Normally you should look for a player that has the chance to score multiple goals, but sometimes it might be better to pick a defender that are likely to keep a clean sheet and might get some offensive points.


Every week you will have one free transfer that you use to transfer out one player that you dont want to keep in your team and transfer in another one. You dont want to keep players that are out of form or are injured, but at the same time you might be better of to keep that player if things are looking brighter one or two weeks ahead. If you decide to use more than your free transfer you will get a transfer cost of minus 4 points. Some times this might be worth it if you need to get rid of a player where the transfer in is looking to earn you back your 4 points.
If a transfer isn't used it might be saved to the next week, you can have at most 2 free transfer saved. A free transfer is very useful if you want to buy an expensive player that you might not be able to get if you dont do 2 transfers.

Team Value

The value of a player will change during the season. If a player is doing well the price will raise and if he is playing without getting as many points or maybe not playing at all he will probably go down in value. The price changes might be as much as 0.3 per week but more common is that the value isn't changed at all, or maybe 0,1 up or down. If your team are doing well in player price changes it will give you an advantage since you will have a larger team budget.
To spot the price changes it is wise to take a look at a site like http://www.fplstatistics.co.uk/ that spots when a player is due to have a price change.

The "chips"

During the season you have a couple of useful chips to play, you are only able to play one every week.
Wildcard: If you are playing the wildcard you are able to do as many transfers as you like without getting a transfer cost. This is very useful if your team needs a lot of adjustments. You get two transfers every season, one before the calendar year ends and one on the new year. If a wildcard isn't used it will be destroyed.
Triple captain: Once every season you are able to play your triple captain chip. By doing this you get a multiplier by three on your captain instead of two as usual. You should look for a week where a player in your team is very likely to get a lot of points. It is common to play this chip on a player that has two games in one gameweek. A well spent triple captain chip will get you ahead in your mini leagues.
Free hit: One week you are able to play your free hit. This means that you are able to do as many transfers as you like on that week, but after that week your team goes back to the ones you hade before you used this chip. The free hit is very useful if a lot of players in your team has a blank week (their team doesnt play) or if you have a lot of suspended/injured players.

Why use fplgameweek.com?

There are a number of reasons to use fplgameweek.com:
  • You will get Live bonus points
  • Instant auto subs as soon as it is decided they are needed
  • Keep track of your league opponent and get live points from all teams in your league
  • Find out how important a player is for you in your league
  • Get a personal live feed with an emoticon that reflects what that event means for your team